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Welcome to the Life Ambassador’s portal where we make a difference in people’s lives.

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  • Quality of Health Analyzing - as a service

  • Promote the Quality of Health Analyzing Kit

  • Introduce the Complete Solution for Complete Wellness

  • Help grow the network for Complete Wellness

Be the person offering the solution

If you focus on making a difference in peoples lives the business will serve you well.

Congratulations with your desire to make a difference

You are starting your own wellness business.


You can start to help people including your family, find complete wellness. You will be the instrument to show which direction their health is heading using the most modern and up to date CellQuicken Quality of Health Analyst kit.

This business gives you the opportunity and ability to build not only your family’s health, but also your wealth as you build your customer base over the coming months and years. Welcome on board.

  • Register as a Life Ambassador

    Click below, complete the form to create your account. You will be setting up your personal back office by creating a username and password which you must save for daily use in the future to be able to login to your Back-office. Ensure to complete all fields and up load a recent photo of yourself.

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  • Order your Quality of Health Analyzing kit

    If you have not already bought your Analyst’s kit, now is the time to do it. This will be your professional tool to help people find complete wellness by discovering the root cause of their current or potential ill-health. For people to know their health risk allows them to make decisions to manage that risk. By becoming a Quality of Health Analyst, you could be helping victims suffering pain and hardships to find complete wellness. 

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  • Start analyzing clients

    Using the latest health analyzing technology to scan and automatically produce reports showing people the cause of their deteriorating health and the origin of their symptoms.
    People will be able to see the projection of their health risk into the future before they find themselves in a storm of challenging health problems.

  • We promote the Complete Solution

    When clients know their health risks and request to see more of what we can offer, we send them the prerecorded videos that explain the medication free approach. Our approach is Focused Ultrasound, neuro-pathways, nutrition and frequently monitoring of the improvement. You do not sell the product, you are there to care and encourage to want to be healthy.