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Work for yourself, making a difference in people's lives, using the latest health analyzing technology to scan and automatically produce reports showing people the cause of their deteriorating health and the origin of their symptoms.
People will be able to see the projection of their health risk into the future before they find themselves in a storm of challenging health problems.

Here is a testimonial showing the typical outcome when corrective action is not taken after a scan and report:

Anton N... (Patient privacy)

From the hospital bed of Anton N....

Johannesburg, South Africa.

Dear Raymond,


Your health analysis system told me 2 years ago (Oct 2016) that I am a high risk for Diabetes, tumors and Cancer. I did not believe it and visited my DR. that gave me a clean bill of health, only to be diagnose 2 years later with Diabetes and 8 months after that with brain Cancer. That same medical industry can now do nothing for me. Thanks for nothing medical industry!

How does it work

The Quality of Health Kit records the distressed cells within the body, and the automated software evaluates and reports on the condition of organs, glands and functions within the body for complete wellness.

Watch this video for a short introduction:


To know the health risk allows you to manage that risk. Become a Health Risk Analyst and help people go beyond waiting for their symptoms. You do not need a medical qualification. You will receive the training.​


Join our business and help improve the health of people and possibly save a life or two – even, perhaps, one of your family members.

Take back control of your own health. Then set up business to help your fellow human beings to be in control of their health destiny.

How much money will I make?

With our support and training, you will market for customers. How much time and money you invest in your business will determine the degree of your success.

For example, you will charge a customer $80, and they will receive:

  • Risk Report

    The Health Risk report showing possible future health problems that need action taken today.

  • In depth health condition graphs

    More than 200 health indicators showing the health of their organs and systems throughout every aspect of their body. This will help them make small lifestyle changes.

  • Lacking nutrition

    Where they lack in nutrition like vitamins, minerals and amino acids.



Profit section

Your Profit

Example for scanning one person:

$80.00 for the service – $5.00 system cost

That is $75.00 profit
This is your profit per analysed person.

You can even discount as much as you like - it is your business - your profit.

Do your calculations

You can do your own sums by multiplying $75 (profit) by the number of customers you intend to scan.

A couple per day will be

$3000 profit per month

Kick Start Your Business to-day by registering as a CellQuicken Ambassador, start your online training and buy your

Quality of Health Analyzing Kit


We are looking for people who are:

  • Enthusiastic about complete wellness and who want to be the instrument assisting people in staying healthy and living longer, disease free.
  • Wanting to help change the world's medical paradigm from illness to health, keeping people away from the storm of ill-health and helping to take others out of the storm.
  • Helping people make small changes in their life to grow stronger, wiser, live longer and ready for new growth.
  • Willing to set themselves up from their home or an office.

The CellQuicken Ambassador’s Health Network offers dedicated support, training and communication channels including a team network of others with the same motivation all-around the world.


By joining our team, you will be using the new scientifically advanced ultrasound home-scanning system including recently developed software on your customers. No medical knowledge is required, you share the “health Risk” report with your patient, and upload the report results in your online back office.


Our Doctors who are specializing in this field around the world, will take over and create a script. This script is returned to you and the patient.


You do not treat the patient, you scan the patient for 3 minutes, and the software produces a Health Risk Assessment Report. You discuss the option of the customer using the Ultrasound treatment.

There is nothing as powerful as this anywhere in the world.

To become an Ambassador for free, buy your CellQuicken Health Risk Decoder kit and start your training: